About Post Office Ltd

We’ve come a long way since it all started over 380 years ago. We’ve built up a network of 11,500 branches across the country. To give you a sense of how big that is, we’ve got more branches than the four biggest banks in the UK put together. Or put simply, we’re the largest retail network in the UK. So we’re there for our customers, wherever they are. But our biggest branch by far is our website, which gets nearly 1 million visitors a week, so we’re building on our digital strategy too.

As you can imagine, a business this big has lots of opportunities in lots of different areas. So we’re always looking out for enthusiastic, ambitious and customer-focused people to join us. And we’re striving to become “simpler to run, better for customers and a great place to work”, so innovation is really important. We’re confident the changes we make will be for the best, benefiting both our people and our customers.